Sunday, September 14, 2008

VIRUS ALERT: Antivirus 2009

What is it?:

A popup window stating your PC is infected with malware, and to purchase Antivirus 2009 to remove that malware.

How to remove it:

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:
  2. Make sure the Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is checked
  3. Click Finish
  4. Restart Your computer.
  5. Hit F8 while your PC reboots and then select Safe Mode.
  6. Once in Safe Mode run Malwearebytes' Anti-Maleware.
  7. Select 'Perform Full Scan' and click Scan
  8. Allow the program to fix any errors it finds.
  9. Reboot and run Malwarebytes' again.
  10. If there are no errors you're PC is safe.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog Categorization

I haven't decided on a concrete way to format my posts. So for now, this is how I will post things:

  • VIRUS ALERT - information on a specific virus, what it does, and how to clean it.
  • NEWS FLASH - technology in the news.
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY - new consumer items.
  • NOT SO TECH - things of interest that aren't technology related.
As I think of more (or the need arises) I will add more categories. Feel free to suggest some others.

Well, Technically ... Welcome

Greetings and welcome to 'Well, Technically ...'!!

Who are you and why do we care?
My name is Dan Bough, and I currently support Cisco networks for companies all over the world. Whether it be routers, switches, or voice equipment, my job is to support and fix issues that pop up, or implement changes a customer requests - by far, this is the best job I've ever had (well honestly, it wasn't much of a competition.) I've worked in fast food, life insurance, factories, computer retail, dental networking and infrastructure support. None of these jobs paid well, but honestly I'm thankful for them. They all got me to where I am today and allowed me to absorb information about a wide array of 'stuff and things.' I don't know why you care - thats just a mean question!

What is your motive?
In my travels, I've seen many a glassy eyed consumer trying to figure out which end of a piece of technology is up. Computers, smart phones, PDAs, televisions, or anything else that powers up and has blinky lights; not everyone has the ability to operate them out of the box. If they DO figure them out, chances are they will break at some point. Whether its the physical device, or the software that runs on them panic will take over and tears my fall (well, maybe not tears - but hey - ya never know.)

What will you give me?
Thats where 'Well, Technically ...' comes in. I'm here to explain, how it works, how to fix it, and where to go for more information on it. I don't know the answer to everything, but with the work of information we all have available to us, (in the famous words of Fox Mulder) "The Truth is Out There."